Keeping you up to date

It’s all about communication. We need to understand how you feel and you need to understand what we are doing to give you value for money at Backworth G.C

On this page we will try to give you some information about our progress.

We are not Augusta! but we try our best to be

Royal Backworth

The Greens Committee

The Greens committee consisting of male and female members of the club have been working closely with the ground staff to improve the course always considering the financial implications of any changes


The Golf Committee

A joint committee of volunteers who  administer the golf section and work with the Trustees and Ground Staff to ensure you enjoy your golf at Backworth G.C

Current News


It has seemed like a short summer with July and August a wash -out. We are moving into Autumn now and will probably be using fairway mats in the near future before the long hard winter sets in. Lets hope we still get plenty of golf on some cold sunny days.


The golf committee

The committee meets once a month to discuss the many things which require attention and work through any issues between meetings. Please feel free to contact them at any time.


Competition golf

As we move into winter we now have the winter course measured and marked so should be able to play competition golf

What have we achieved in 2022?

Members will have noticed that we kept the summer greens on much later than usual during the Autumn.

 This is part of the ongoing need to maintain a measured winter course so that competition golf can be played and members can still play the full course giving you value for money.

Our bunkers have received a lot of attention this year thanks in part to the hard work of the ground staff but also due to your money which has been spent on two ride-on bunker rakers.

We are still working on preparing a winter measured course with mats on summer tee boxes and dedicated winter score cards for both 9 and 18 holes.

Members surveys have given us an understanding of your needs and where possible we have taken action. We understand that communication is a two way process so we send out regular newsletters and you are free to contact the committee whenever you choose.

Summer 2023

It’s coming eventually and we are already working with the ground staff to prepare the course for this season

Winter 2023

Moving into winter we expect that qualifying golf will be played throughout the season (weather permitting) using a winter measured course.

Stay In Touch

If you have a question about fees or your membership contact Dawn in the Welfare office on 0191 2684247 (option 2) or email

For enquiries about competitions, the course or anything related to your enjoyment of golf at Backworth contact the golf committee via email at