Keeping you up to date

It’s all about communication. We need to understand how you feel and you need to understand what we are doing to give you value for money at Backworth G.C

On this page we will try to give you some information about our progress.

We are not Augusta! but we try our best to be

Royal Backworth

The Greens Committee

The Greens committee consisting of male and female members of the club have been working closely with the ground staff to improve the course always considering the financial implications of any changes


The Golf Committee

A joint committee of volunteers who  administer the golf section and work with the Trustees and Ground Staff to ensure you enjoy your golf at Backworth G.C

Current News


Spring has arrived and the course continues to dry out. There is still some work to do on the bunkers but things are starting to look a lot better. Lets hope for a long hot summer.

The golf committee

The committee meets once a month to discuss the many things which require attention and work through any issues between meetings. Please feel free to contact them at any time.


Competition golf

Although we missed several competitions during April and the beginning of May we hope to catch up as the season progresses. 

Bit strange but 4BBB can now be played for handicap purposes. It will be interesting to watch how that pans out. 

What did we achieve in 2023?

The short answer is “not much” due, in the main, to the months of rain we  experienced last year.

Our bunkers have been constantly flooded and even a small amount of extra rain has been sufficient to close the course because the ground water level has been consistently high over several months.

Despite the weather the grounds staff were able to keep most of the main greens on and, in the main, a measured course.

Fingers crossed for a good start to 2024

Further changes to the World Handicapping System (WHS)  came into effect in April 24 and the Handicap Committee are working hard to ensure that your handicap in maintained in accordance with the new and existing rules. 

Summer 2024

It’s coming eventually and we are already working with the ground staff to prepare the course for this season

Winter 2024

Moving into winter we expect that qualifying golf will be played throughout the season (weather permitting) using a winter measured course.

Stay In Touch

If you have a question about fees or your membership contact Dawn in the Welfare office on 0191 2684247 (option 2) or email

For enquiries about competitions, the course or anything related to your enjoyment of golf at Backworth contact the golf committee via email at